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June 2016



5 Social Media Networks Must Be Present In Your Smart Phone

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One the most interesting concepts that has become part of our lives in the recent past is what is known as social media. Unlike the beginning when people considered it as a youngster fad or fashion, it has now become a much like an essential utility in every household. Not just a simple way of keeping in contact with family and friends, it is more of a commercial and business opportunity nowadays.

Irrespective of why you are using them, below is a list of 5 most popular social media networks that must be present in your smart phone:


Currently the most popular and widely used social network in the world is undoubtedly Facebook. You have the option of making your own personal profile, add photos, videos and any other form of digital information that you want. It provides a platform to connect with friends from all around the world and share content and media files pertinent to common interests and likes. It is ideally suited for business purposes as you can outperform your competitors and reach out to your customers in a more effective and efficient manner. Available for both iOS and Android, Facebook has the following Advantages and disadvantages:


  • You can share various forms of media files
  • Post messages for friends and public
  • Start a page or community of your own


  • Instant messaging is done through another app
  • Difficult to run a page
  • Very frequent updates required.


  • Twitter:


Twitter has become a game changer for many business activities these days. It provides the best way to communicate and publicize information to a large audience or target market. You can improve your tweets through addition of link, photo and video files.


  • Contact with people
  • Sharing of interests and views
  • Ability to share media files


  • Very frequent updates required
  • Difficult to navigate for new users


  • Instagram:


This is a dedicated network to share photos only. With a small description about yourself, you have the option of uploading and editing photos on this application. Other members of the network can give likes and comments and also do messaging chat with each other. It can be used for personal as well as professional purposes.


  • You can do editing of photos on the app
  • Get comments and likes of others
  • Instant messaging in private mode is available.


  • Places cannot be customized
  • Photos uploading problems
  • Repeat sharing is complicated


  • Snapchat:


Not a very professional but a fun way to get in connection with friends and family. Photos and videos can be edited to create fun messages and pictures. Businesses can also use it productively to convey advertising and promotional campaigns and messages.


  • Videos do not last long
  • You can caption media files
  • Allows private messaging to members


  • Lots of advertisements
  • Replaying inability for media files


  • Pinterest:


Initially started as a network to share hobbies, events and DIY crafting, Pinterest has become a very useful and popular app on the smart phone. You can organize the information, photos, videos and other forms of data that you find on the internet and pin them together on a virtual board. Businesses can use it to promote their products and services as Pinterest accounts can be made search engine friendly.


  • Allows posting of pictures
  • You can create different boards and categorize them
  • Share your interests with friends and family


  • Difficult to understand for new users
  • Boards are non-changeable in order