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January 2016



How to use Facebook Live Video Streaming Feature?

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Facebook has a lot of features which a user can enjoy. Now recently Facebook launched another new feature. This feature is now in the air and everybody wants to use it but there is a setting which user has to do because it is not very easy to use. This is the one-time setting which user has to do.

Broadcasting: Broadcasting means to be able to live all the time. Facebook has recently launched this feature and now all of the users of the Facebook are able to broadcast the videos online. The setting which a user has to do is one time. The proper way of this setting is under as:

  • Go to your Facebook profile and open the status bar and write a new post.  
  • Tap the live icon on the low of the status bar.
  • After clicking on the icon, give access to your camera and microphone. It is a one-time process which you have to do.
  • Press the continue button on the page.
  • Keep pressing the continue button. You are very close to using this feature.
  • Choose privacy setting. There are certain changes which you have to do in your privacy setting. In this feature, you have to activate the public access because everyone can see you in this feature. You are not able to come live unless you give access to everyone.
  • Write a compelling description when you come live. You started to show up in the news feeds of your friends. They are able to comment on your video. It is a very amazing feature which everybody likes to enjoy.
  • If you are facing problem regarding camera view, then you have to set your camera view. Before clicking “Go live” be sure that your camera is pointing in the right direction. The background of your setup screen will show that how other sees you. If you want to change the view, then you can easily do it from the setting.
  • After all of the settings are done then it is time for you to go online. You will be live when you click on the blue button. You start streaming and your video is in the news feeds of your friend. Everyone will be able to see you just like any other post. For activating this feature, all you need to do is to do the settings and you are able to go live.

Hence, if you are a Facebook user and want to use the new feature of Facebook which is known as live then before doing so there is a proper setting which you have to do. All of this setting is a one-time process which you have to do. You can easily activate this feature by doing all of these settings. If you are facing any kind of problem, then you can easily get help from the internet. After you go live, all of the people are able to see you and also has the facility of writing a comment below your video.